Hi, welcome to my website. I am Edo Landwehr. I like to see myself as a photographer who's main goal is to capture emotion in it's purest form. I do this in various kinds of assignments. Most of the time people are the most important subject in my photographs. But my travels in Photography World brought me to a lot of other interesting subjects, such as high end jewelries, interior designs and food.

I started my photography around 2009. Before this I wasn't interested in any kind of art form, nor the art of still photography. After finishing a commercial study, one day I woke up with the feeling I needed a new "hobby". The thought that taking photos would be my new thing didn't leave my head. Later that day, I did not hesitate one bit and bought my first DSLR, a simple Sony Alpha. I remember that first day quite vividly, I didn't stop taking photos until somewhere around 7 AM the next morning. Enfin, from that moment on, I was hooked. Photography became my life. A couple months later I decided to travel the world, with my camera. After that I knew that nothing was going to hold me back to be a photographer. One year after I bought my first camera I founded my company, EdoLand. The exploring of Photography World brought me to places I have never been before, physically and emotionally. I started with a few years of portraying people, mostly in my studio. Roughly 3.000 people came along. Especially the difference in people amazed me. 

This experience helps me a lot in the work I do nowadays. My focus is still wide, I love doing different things, breaking one of the general rules in Photography World that one should focus. 

I think a photographer never stops to learn, this philosophy hopefully will bring me further in exploring my dreams.