First Step - Clean2Antarctica documentary trailer

Merem - revalidatiekliniek ( Dutch )

NL Cares - vrijwilligerswerk ( Dutch )

Clean2Amsterdam promovideo ( Dutch )

Clean2Antarctica: Testing on Iceland

Trailer: "Longing" - Aswat Faeela Documentary Film

Director: Edo Landwehr
Producer: Yara El Moussaoui
Story: Edo Landwehr & Zita Luiten

We are currently entering the eight year of the Syrian conflict, with no clear end in sight. The documentary film “Longing” tells the story of a group of young active people with the dream to build peace in Syria. A story of a project named after the people who participate, ‘Active Voices’, that shows the strengths, vulnerabilities and power of Syrians and the people who work with them. It follows the stories of Syrians in Europe and the Middle East and unravels the difficulties they face on a daily basis. There is an emerging gap between Syrians due to the fact they have spread all over the world and are experiencing different contexts. There is also the challenge, for Syrians who moved abroad, to build a new life in their host community. This documentary shows this two-sided challenge from the perspective of the active voices themselves. Listen to their voices, hear their stories and feel their power. They’re longing for peace, but more than that, they are longing for hope. Hope to build a better Syria in the future. Together.

Stories of Phangan: The Coffeeshop

Stories of Phangan: the boatman

Project: Anamel (Beirut, Lebanon)

A short film by Edo Landwehr & Zita Luiten. --- The conflict in Syria disrupted families, forced women to reside in Lebanon and create a new life for themselves. Finding a way to be independent, some women find Anamel in Beirut, a centre of and for women to find work, meaning and friendship.

A Glimmer of hope