Haarlem Jazz '18 - Event photography

I have been the main photographer for the event Haarlem Jazz for quite some time now. From the start it has been an honor to be able to do this big event, in my hometown. 

Being an event photographer, taking photos of an event, still remains one of the most special things to do in this profession. Because it shows exactly where the photographers looks at, what draws their interests, and what thrives their emotional state at that particular moment.

When seeing past the regular photos of artist almost all event photographers know how to do well, you start to see individuality. Which angles are being chosen for overviews? What kind of people are selected to showcase the emotional mood of the event? What particular moments of those people are chosen? 

The fun thing is, every photographer puts a little of himself in every photo he or she takes. Fact. But. Event photography is one of the few work related photography types that actually makes it really visible for the outside world.

At every (public) event photographers attend there are so many things happening around him or her. SO MANY. What you choose to capture as a photographer defines you as a person. It's not as plain and simple that if you only take photos of smiling and happy people (which you probably should, for almost every client) you are the happiest person alive. It takes some time to unravel the why's and how's of the moment you choose. But it's a fascinating thing. Photography. A mirror of your inner self. 

Take a little look at my mirror :)