Glorious wedding of Dave & Wendy

I knew Dave for some time before he decided he was getting married. Dave is a securityguard, we worked some events together. When he and Wendy decided to marry we met again at a wedding fair in Amsterdam. Couple weeks later we talked about their day and they decided they wanted me to capture their beautiful day. 

It is always special for me actually know the couple im shooting a wedding of. It gets me a little closer. 

Their wedding day was glorious. An emotional rollercoaster, and thats the way we like it best :-) They got married in the beautiful town centre in Haarlem, and celebrated their marriage at the beach. We met the day before aswel, talking about the last details. We also discussed what to do when it would be raining the whole day. The weather forecast was really bad. The moment the ceremony ended and we stepped out, the sun started shining bright and didn't stop until sundown. What a beautiful day!