To me, one of the most beautiful things about photography worldis that no photographer is exactly equal to another.  Obviously, one can adapt to the style of one he or she likes, but the exact timing and framing of one’s shot defines the exact style and feeling of the photograph.

There are many who have said that there’s always at least a tiny part of the person behind the camera visible in every photo taken.
Expanding that thought can lead to the assumption that the span of life of how a photographer feels is actually visible in his or her work.

For example, I am on Crete, Greece right now. Most of the people see only the beautiful white sandy beaches, the blue sea, the palmtrees and for some the busy nightlife.

Whenever I visit a place or country I want to go beyond what first meets the eye. Beyond the beautiful tourist part. I want to see how people live and what their habits are.

So I go driving, walking, riding on a bike. To see, to explore, to feel.
I visited some small towns, and drove across high mountains. I went into the trees, and stepped on holy ground.

What I actually capture is how all of that beauty makes me feel. I see rotten things, forgotten things, old things. In my mind, they represent the beauty of  life. They represent the life that has once been, history.  The actual details that make me feel like that, are the things I want to take photos of. Chances are very slim that other people see the same things while walking the exact same path I do.

To others, it is just junk, representing nothing but stuff they want to stay away from. They might prefer taking shots of only the blue sea and the beautiful people around it.

Both ways of seeing things is just fine.  This, to me, is beautiful. It also makes you realize everyone is different and unique, which is just fine.