360° of Life: UN secretary General Ahmad

You wouldn't think a defender of the rights and interests of young people all over the world would be so young. Yet at just 32 years old Ahmad Alhendawi is the United Nations Secretary General Envoy for Youth, making him the youngest serving UN senior official.

As an advocate for over 1.8 billion youths, Ahmad is all about breaking barriers. He strives to make the UN more accessible to young people everywhere, believing world leaders can learn a lot from the millennials. 

He told Merit360: "What world leaders can learn from young leaders is courage - being bold enough to tackle issues without cynicism.

"World leaders can also learn to listen — to listen to each other, to be humble enough and modest enough to know that you can’t do everything alone and you need to work with others."

Ahmad first strikes you as a man of influence and positivity with a dedication to put the voices of our youths at the forefront of change making.

Yet behind his formalistic exterior is a young man from Jordan, who's looking to make a difference and implement and encourage reform for future generations to come.

Ahmad's main message to changemakers is one of humility. He said: "you should not be tempted by the illusion of cynicism, and you should not be tempted by the illusion of utopia."

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Text: Rochelle Beighton