International women's day

On International Women’s Day #IWD2017, we celebrate not only the visible women leaders, but also the less visible voices of empowerment. Meet Manal from Idlib, Syria.
This powerwoman lives in a refugee camp in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon, with her husband, daughters and grandchildren.

For 5 years, she’s been living here.

Every day, is a fight.

She and her family have to pay about $100 US dollar a month to live in a tent, in a camp with an open sewer system.

Every month, they battle to have a roof over their heads, and food in their mouths.

Every day, she fights for her family.

Every day, she is a powerwoman.









Meet her powerful daughter:

This powerwoman lives in a camp in Bekaa Valley, with her parents and her children. At the age of only 22, she has a four month old son Moustafa, living in a tent with her extended family. Her fight for a better future for herself, but mostly her children, is a daily fight. She is finishing her BA in Philosophy, because she believes that her education will change her baby’s entire life. An educated woman, can create a lifeline of development.

Every day, she fights for her children’s future.

Every day, she is a powerwoman.

Text © Zita Luiten