Life: Mr isaac

I have known Isaac for quite some time. Whenever I do something new I almost always end up working with him, which is a joy. I have always liked working with this cheerful artist and entrepreneur. I don't see him very often, but there's also a good side to that; when not seeing one on a regular basis it is a lot easier to see one's progress in life. And Isaac grew a lot, as a musician, but also now as a businessman discovering a new world within a large corporate. 

Isaac made a long journey, born and raised in Uganda he found his peace in music, living in Holland. To many, Isaac is a well known and respected person in and around Haarlem. Especially when you have seen him on stage. He hosted and played various music gatherings where  he worked with a lot of talented artists, which all come together for the shared love of music and the respect for Isaac. 

I photographed Isaac many times. We're used to working with each other. I know what he likes, he knows how I work. But as people tend to change, Isaac changed. For the first time I see, next to the artist, a businessman. He gets a little distracted from time to time, because hey, a good businessman is always working. I notice that it is a little harder to get to him. Until he grabs his guitar and starts playing. I didn't ask him to, he just plays.

I see him wander away within himself, forgetting everything around him, beautiful. Life. 

Thanks to Barista cafe Haarlem for having us
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