360 of Life: Jerry White

Hey, i'm in New York! YEAH! Im currently documenting the awesome Merit 360 event, expect a lot more in this series in the coming two weeks!

Life:  Jerry White Executive co-chair of Global Covenant Partners

Right of the bat, Jerry is present. His energy, movement and speech captivates a room and fills it with an inspiring sense of positive energy.

In 1986, at just twenty years old Jerry lost his leg while hiking in Northern Israel. As he followed the footsteps of the biblical prophets he unknowingly entered a landmine and stood on a grenade.

After losing his leg, and almost his life, Jerry fought hard to become the man he is today- an activist. Everyday Jerry campaigns for the removal of landmines and for it's survivors to rebuild their lives.

Jerry is a man who actually influences other people. When he talks you not only listen, but you get to thinking. In a short matter of time his words can have a lasting impact on how to better yourself and treat others, especially those with disabilities, equally. 

In May 2008, his book, I Will Not Be Broken: 5 Steps to Overcoming a Life Crisis, inspired readers around the world with a detailed account of his injury, his recovery and his work on banning landmines with Survivor Corps.

By day he's out making the world a better place, by night he slips out of his role as Jerry White, enthusiastic changemaker.  Retracting into his more introvert, relaxed, self, to charge for the day to come.

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Text: Rochelle Beighton